Principal's Message
David Lewis

Dear Teachers, Staff, and Parents:

As we prepare for another great school year, I am reminded of the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. It seems fitting when I consider the accomplishments achieved by those who have come and those who will come through these doors!  Parents, your commitment to your child’s education is an integral part of what will be required for this village to achieve success.  Therefore, our theme this year will be “Stronger Together”! 

As the Principal, I am thrilled to be a part of a school community where family and community members are visible and actively engaged. I am honored and privileged to lead a dynamic community where teachers and staff cultivate an environment where students achieve and believe in themselves and their school. 

Edna Karr has a legacy which was founded in its motto: Second to None!  My promise to you as the leader is to provide a culture that truly defines what it means to be “Second to None”.  We will provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum and opportunities for every student to excel. We will push both teachers and students to give their very best every day.   

Once again, I am excited to be a part of such wonderful school history and tradition.  I need every parent, Alumni, teacher, and of course student to recommit to our motto: Second to None, as we redefine what that means for our students in the 21st Century.  Not only must our students be competitive with in the state, they must also be prepared to compete on the National level. 

In closing, I am committed to continue providing Edna Karr Parents with a culture that supports academic advancement and social experiences that are truly Second to None.  I look forward to seeing you around campus and at our various events.  I highly encourage each of you no matter what your role is with Karr to get involved with the PTO to share your insight and have input on the great things that are happening at Edna Karr. 


Chauncey Nash, Ed.D.

Head of School, Edna Karr High School